100% Organic Cocoa Butter

100% Organic Cocoa Butter

Pure Unrefined Cocoa Butter 400g Our Cocoa butter (also known as cacao butter) is 100% pure and natural . 


We supply our cocoa butter in a seal zip bag to keep the weight down and to keep it fresh.

Our cocoa butter is pale yellow in colour, and shaped in cubes. Cocoa butter is very good in soaps, lotions, lip balms, body butters and moisturisers. Cocoa butter is obtained from the tree Theobroma Cacao and is pressed and deodourised to eliminate any impurities and strong odours. This is so it can be used in cosmetics without contamination or without carrying it's strong odour through to the finished product.

Our cocoa butter is 100% natural and pure, no added ingredients, preservatives or any other nasties!


Why should you use cocoa butter?

* Cocoa butter is a fantastic moisturiser and nourishes the skin when used in a skin treatment recipe

* Cocoa butter can help to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks if used regularly in a skin treatment recipe.

* Conditioning affect in hair treatment recipes

* Cocoa butter is the touch of luxury in many balms, body butters and soaps

How should I store my cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter will last about 20-24 months, and it is best to keep it somewhere cool, dry and sealed.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight will degrade it over time, and if you plan to keep your cocoa butter in the bathroom for long periods of time it may be wise to add a natural antibacterial to it.

Avoid melting the butter repeatedly or at a very high temperature as this will break down the good fats that make this cocoa butter so fantastic.